24 Hours in Vienna

Vienna; ‘the City of Music’

Vienna (or Wien) is the largest cosmopolitan city and the capital of Austria. It is known as the second biggest German speaking city in the world after Berlin and it’s city-centre has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001.

Being renowned as the City of Music mainly due to its musical history, it is also known as the City of Dreams. The historic city-centre of Vienna is rich in architectural beauty that entails Baroque castles, monuments, grand buildings and gardens. Known for the quality of life, It has been titled as the second most liveable city in the world after Melbourne, Australia in 2015.

Vienna Day Trip;

So you’re going to the City of Music, but only have 24 hours to spend, here is what you should do, just like I did with my travel on Austrian Airlines.

1: Stephansdom

I have started my tour from the St. Stephen’s Cathedral (or Stephansdom), which is the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna and the seat of the Archbishop of Vienna. This famous cathedral located at Stephansplatz has witnessed many important events in the Austrian history. Renowned for the colourful tiled roof, Stephandsom has become Vienna’s most iconic image and one of the top 10 attractions to visit in Vienna.

The highlights of the cathedral includes the North and the South Tower, from where you can admire 360 degree views of Vienna. Since you’ve to pay to get to the roof-top, my ultimate choice was the North Tower mainly because the most instagrammable image of Vienna has been taken from there. Also, you’ll have great angles for photography.

Because of it’s height, they’ve placed steel barriers all over the roof, so you’ll simply have to take your camera out of the grill to take the picture like above. You’ll also find a viewing platform on the roof-top from where you can admire the farthest views of Vienna.It is located on Stephensplatz stop, if you’re taking the Metro.

Find out more information and opening times here: http://www.stephanskirche.at

2: Austrian National Library

I then started walking from the Stephansdom towards the Hofburg Palace, and my first stop was the Austrian National Library (or Österreichische Nationalbibliothek), which is the largest library in Austria, located in the Hofburg Palace in Vienna. It has become on the most visited places in Vienna due to it’s unique design and architectural beauty. Though it is a library, you can only ready your own books, that’s because the historical books has been preserved on the walls for the visitors to admire it’s beauty only. I would call it a Library Museum than a Library to be honest, but it’s worth the visit. 

Find out more information and opening times here: https://www.onb.ac.at/en/

3: The Hofburg Palace

Since 1275, the Hofburg Palace is the official residence of every Austrian ruler and known as one of the most historically importance place in Vienna. This gigantic palace covers 59 acres including several buildings reflecting the architecture of Gothic, Renaissance, Rococo and Baroque movements. You can easily spend your whole day just visiting this Palace admiring it’s architectural beauty. You would want to be lost in the beauty of this attraction.

Hey, don’t forget to hire one of these Victoria Carriages for a short tour around the Hofburg Palace, you’ll thank me later if you did!

Find out more information and opening times here: http://www.hofburg-wien.at/en.html

4: The Austrian Parliament Building

Once I have enjoyed the attractions at the Hofburg Palace, I walked towards the Austrian Parliament Building. Since 1918, this building impresses its visitors with its huge dimensions and unique architecture. You can simply relax outside it’s main entrance on the beautiful staircases and enjoy the sunshine (only if you’re lucky enough like me to enjoy the sunshine in Vienna, haha). Guided tours are also available from the Visitor Centre that’ll give you plenty of knowledge about its history and architecture.

Find out more information and opening times here: https://www.parlament.gv.at/ENGL/GEBF/

5: Maria-Theresien-Platz and Memorial

After the Parliament Building, my next stop was one of the most impressive architectures in Vienna; the monument to Empress Maria Theresa at the Maria-Theresian Platz. Bordered by the Museum of Art History (or Kunsthistorisches Museum) and the Natural History Museum (or Naturhistorisches Museum), this statue reflects the Empress on her throne while surrounded by major personages of her day, including a number of generals on horseback. You can simple relax in the surrounded garden area and enjoy a drink. The ambiance of this square is truly worth taking in.

Hey, there’s also a beautiful photo spot where you can sit like a King or Queen and capture the perfect moment in your camera.

6: Walking, Shopping and Eating at the Stephensplatz

I was extremely tired of walking so I wanted to sit somewhere in the lively area and enjoy the ambiance. So I started walking back towards to the Stephansdom. Everything’s is available around this square, from shopping to food and dessert parlours. You’ll find plenty of choices and delicious mouth-licking dessert parlours to choose from. Simply walk around, relax, enjoy, eat and smile!

Download the printable version of Vienna City Tourist Map here:


I loved my 24 hours in Vienna and hope that you’ll enjoy your little time in this beautiful city too.

See you at other destinations around the world!

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