“Once a little birdie was chirping by my office window. When we made an eye contact, I felt it booed and flew away. It made me realize that my life must be better than an office personnel. It has taken me to the journey of inspiring others through travel blogging”.

La-Voyage.com was founded in July, 2017 by a former assistant accountant, Haseeb Ayaz. After the completion of his masters degree & achieving the highest score in accounting & finance department, Haseeb was thrilled to discover his expertise in accounting and business skills. When he lacked interest in his office job, he started teaching as an associate lecturer in the university. Within a few months, his interest was leaning more towards meeting international people, globetrotting and creativity.

Finally, Haseeb has decided to travel around the world and run la-voyage.com to inspire others through his blogs. His main inspiration came from his desire to travel around the world. He has been inspired by few influential people such as, Murad Osman (Ex. Producer at Hyperpro.Tv) from his famous ‘FollowMeTo’ posts, Leaonie Hanne (Founder of Ohh Couture), Adam Gallagher (Founder of IamGalla) and his cousin sister Sehar Malik who has pushed him to show his creativity.

Haseeb is currently working as a travel blogger, globetrotter, model, stylist and social-media influencer. Being a wanderlust, Haseeb has become a travel & fashion story-teller by sharing his stories through blogging.


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