Big Ben, London’s Most Iconic Landmark


Without a doubt, London’s most iconic landmark is the Big Ben. People often refer to the Palace of Westminster as the ‘Big Ben’, which isn’t exactly true. Formally identified as the ‘Clock Tower’, this tall structure was retitled as the Elizabeth Tower to honour Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012. The bell inside the Clock Tower is in fact called the ‘Big Ben’. The first chime of this beautiful structure was heard on the radio during a New Year’s Even broadcast in 1923. Since then, this 96 metres tall structure has become London’s charm all across the globe. People travel from far and wide to take a selfie with the Elizabeth Tower. Just like I did here;

This antique clock  has become a national image of the United Kingdom, especially in the media. You’ll often see postcards of London mainly showcasing the Big Ben with the red double-decker bus or black cab on the front. 

As beautiful as it looks from the outside, it is from the inside. However, the tours are not open for public that easy. The residents of the United Kingdom  are able to arrange tours through their Member of Parliament. But, you would have to climb 334 limestone stairs to get to the top as it currently has no lift. Don’t worry, you can still admire it’s spectacular views from the outside by taking a selfie with it. There are also some great spots to take the best picture for your Instagram.

1: Under the Westminster Bridge

There’s a secret hidden gem where you can walk in for free by avoiding the crowds on the Westminster Bridge to take a perfect picture for your Instagram. If you’re coming from the Westminster Tube Station, keep walking on the Westminster Bridge until you’ve reached the end of it. Get down the bridge using the staircase going towards the London Eye, take a right from the staircase and there’s an underground tunnel that’ll take you to the other side of the bridge. Once you’re close to the entrance, close your eyes, count to three and open, you’ll admire the best views of the Palace of Westminster, I promise. Just beware, a lot of Instagrammers know this place, so you might have to take your picture within a minute or so, unless you come at Off-Peak times, such as early morning, afternoon or before Sunset. Take a look here:

Under the Westminster Bridge

2: The View from the London Eye

That’s right. London Eye, which is another London’s favourite tourist attraction, mainly features the views of the Palace of Westminster. Please book your tickets online, otherwise you’ll have to join a never ending queue outside the attraction. However, booking online doesn’t mean no queue. Unfortunately, that’ll save you from buying tickets queue, which is great. But you’ll have to join a massive queue to get on the London Eye, though it shouldn’t take more than 25 minutes altogether and you’ll be on this beautiful thing, Yayyy! But if you’re in rush or would like to treat yourself, why not book a Fast-Track Queue which guarantees your entry straightaway. A standard adult ticket cost £26 on the gate or £23.45 online, saying you 10%. There are different price if you would like to combine this with the tickets for other attractions. You can buy your tickets here:

View from the London Eye

There’s another way to save you 50% on the tickets. If you’re travelling to London using National Rail from any destination, you can get 2 for 1 at most of the London attractions, that’s half saving right there. Have a look here:

I hope you’ll take some of the best pictures with the Elizabeth Tower (I meant Big Ben folks, LOL). Feel free to ask any questions and share your pictures. Cheers Mate!

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