Gloomy Weather in London

What to do if it’s Gloomy in London

The biggest drawback of living in London is it’s gloomy weather. Grey clouds are our enemies and we don’t like them at all. Londoner’s have learned to live in this weather, since we’ve to face them every other week anytime of the year. So, what should you do as a visitor if it’s gloomy in London?

1: Call someone from London Telephone Booths

Sounds funny, but why not call your best friend or relative from the London’s Iconic Telephone Booths. You can take a perfect tourist selfie plus make a call using the hidden coin in your little pocket. Tourists love to take those telephone booths from the souvenir shops, why not take a perfect portrait and make your own POSTCARD?

2: Go Shopping

If it’s raining, windy and gloomy, you can’t do much outside can you? Why not go for shopping at London’s favourite shopping centres, Harrods or Harvey Nichols? These two famous shopping malls offers everything from shoes to makeup. All your favourite luxury brands are available under one roof. Even if you’re not shopping, you can simply spend a couple of hours admiring the luxurious items showcased like diamonds in the sky. There are plenty of cafes inside these shopping centres where you can enjoy English Tea and Scones. As they say, so what if it’s gloomy, don’t be sad, have a little cupcake!

You can find more information about Harrods here:

You can find more information about Harvey Nichols here:

3: Walk up the Tower Bridge

If the rain shower doesn’t bother you, sing Adele’s ‘Hello From the Other Side’ by the Tower Bridge and admire the beauty of central London. Whether you’ll like the weather or not, you’ll simply enjoy our favourite Adele by the Tower Bridge. Come on, sing along…….!

I hope you’ll have plenty to do if it’s gloomy in London.

See you at other destinations around the world!

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