Meet me at Brooklyn Bridge

New York is always a good idea! 

On my recent trip to New York City, I decided to spend more time visiting all of its five boroughs. Among all, my favourite is Brooklyn cause of its charming neighbourhoods, lively colours and connection to the amazing Manhattan skyline. Brooklyn is the most populated borough of New York City with an estimated census of 2.6 millions residents. It is famous for renowned Brooklyn Bridge, the neighbourhood of DUMBO and Williamsburg and the famous district of Brooklyn Heights. Close proximity to the JFK airport and the tourist hub Manhattan, Brooklyn serves a perfect base for visitors to admire the charms of the city that never sleeps.

Brooklyn Bridge

I decided to explore this wonderful borough with my travel partner and we scheduled to meet up at the Brooklyn Bridge around 7am. Waking up super early is the best advice I could give to photography enthusiasts cause the tourists crowds won’t let you take a good photo after 9am. I stayed only one stop away from Brooklyn Bridge so I got there in no time. Encountering a typical weather surprise, foggy and humid morning in New York covering most of the skyscrapers, I wasn’t really happy. Nevertheless, I got dressed well wearing my favourite silk shirt from Zara and Boulton, a masterpiece by Hamilton Watches, keen to explore the town.

Eager to explore Brooklyn early morning in order to avoid the crowds, Dermot was running late. I decided to take some pictures on my own and spend some time admiring the views from this iconic bridge. The most amazing view from the bridge is looking back at the Manhattan Skyline. Every time I visit New York, this is the place where I spend most of the time in taking pictures cause the sight is simply incomparable.

Dating back to 1883, Brooklyn Bridge, stretching across the East River was opened to carry nonautomatic traffic at the time between Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. It is one of the most memorable parts of the New York City skyline that has been featured in hundreds of movies and television shows. You can now drive, walk or even bike down the bridge and take in the magnificent views of this cosmopolitan city.

After spending an hour taking photos, I walked back and forth on the bridge several times to find amazing photo opportunities. Every corner offered a unique angle so I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

The fog started clearing up but there was no sign of Dermot. I would usually be very annoyed if someone is not professional about time management, but the endless beauty of my favourite spot in New York didn’t let the anger takeover myself. I was very comfortable, but a bit tired staying at one place. So, I decided to sit on the bridge (try with caution!). Waiting and Waiting, felt like decades have gone by but there’s no sign of him to be found. I then started thinking about my last time on the bridge when I lost a bag full of souvenirs that flew away while I was busy in taking pictures. Which is why, I tied my bag to the bridge this time as you can see in the picture above.

I then decided to walk down to Brooklyn Bridge Park to explore a bit on my own. On my prior visits to New York, I never had time to visit this park, so I was really looking forward to it this time. Brooklyn Bridge Park is a gigantic 85 acre park on the Brooklyn side of the East River. It offers spectacular views of Manhattan Skyline that is no where else to be found. Have a look at it below:

Every time I went to Brooklyn, a vintage filter came before my eyes and I felt as If its 60s or 70s and everything is luxury vintage. For that reason, I decided to wear my American Classic Boulton watch that perfectly suits the ambiance.

After walking around taking in the concrete jungle views, I decided to walk back to the bridge and wait for Dermot there. Scheduled to meet originally at 7am, he promised to arrive by 2pm blaming the delay on the Jet-lag. Oh well..!

You would then ask why would I wait for someone that long and not explore on my own?

We should wait as long as it takes, only if its worth waiting for…!

I write this poem as I wait for you
The need to write is something I must do
Looking around me and the things I see
I think how lucky I am you belong to me

I see you now as you are heading my way
That beautiful smile brightens up my day
I count my blessing that you are here
My best friend, my travel guide and my dear

The twinkle in your eyes and dimple on your cheek
The words from your mouth as you start to speak
I really am such a fortunate and lucky guy
I will be there for you till the day that I die

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See you at other destinations around the world!

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