RAF 100 Years in the Skies

RAF Centenary Celebrations

As you all know, I’ve a keen interest in aviation. Anything related to this industry naturally inspires me a lot. I found my passion in aviation when I was 5 years old. Since then, I continued digging into my passion and found great sources of inspiration. What bigger inspiration would be than to witness the Royal Air Force (RAF) celebration of 100 years in the skies. On 10th July, 2018, RAF celebrated its official 100th anniversary in London by showcasing a commemorative event including RAF100 Parade and flypast.

Her Majesty The Queen and the Royals, tens of thousands of spectators and over 100 aircraft marked the Centenary Celebrations in London. What a spectacular view to admire that can’t be put into words.

Photo Credits: (Royal Air Force)

In order to top-up my knowledge about Royal Air Force and its 100 years of celebrations, I bought their recent book 100 Years of the RAF. What an amazing read, it offers so much information about the history of the Royal Air Force and its supporters. If you’re a fan of military aviation history, this is a perfect buy. 

Photo Credits: (Royal Air Force)

Talking about celebration of 100 years, I found synergy between the Royal Air Force and Hamilton Watches as both are celebrating a century in the skies. Earlier this year, I had attended the RedBull Air Race World Championship in Cannes to witness the celebration of 100 years of timing the skies for providing efficient masterpieces to the pilots for precision by Hamilton Watches. Time flies quickly, but a century is an extended period of time. It’s great to know what has happened in the past, so we can plan the future by enjoying the present. I’m so glad that Hamilton had made great choices in the past by providing watches to pilots for accuracy. They’ve also provided watches to RAF and their efficient pilots. All the supporters of Royal Air Force have been mentioned in their book to acknowledge their help in the past 10 decades. Being an admirer of aviation, I choose Hamilton Watches as my inspiration for mens accessories. These Swiss-made watches are one of a kind, which will stay with you forever, for centuries.

Do have a look at Hamilton’s exclusive masterpiece Khaki Aviation X-Wind Auto Chrono as it is a preferred choice for pilots and aviation enthusiasts. It features the first ever drift angle calculator to appear in a watch that help pilots correctly estimate how crosswinds will affect their journey. With automatic movement and a technical look, it’s a perfect everyday co-pilot.

If you’re a true aviation enthusiast like myself, you’ll love reading about the Royal Air Force in their recent book and would truly enjoy Hamilton’s exclusive aviator watch. If you’re visiting London again soon, find some time to visit the Buckingham Palace, as they’ve released limited tickets this summer for visitors. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.
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