The Rooftops of Istanbul

Most Instagrammed Rooftop Locations in Istanbul

Nowadays, Social-Media is the most powerful tool to make things go viral. Did you know that the most instagrammed photo location in Istanbul has finally been shut down? Sadly, it is TRUE. Once posted on Instagram by an aspiring blogger, Buyukvalide Han (photo location) gained so much popularity that recently the government had to intervene and ordered to shut down access to these famous roofs, mainly due to safety reasons. Since this place went viral on the Internet, every visitor in Istanbul wants to admire the breathtaking views of Istanbul from the famous dome shaped roofs. As these roofs do not have safety boundaries, there was a real threat of falling down. Recently, the government has strictly ordered the locals to not let the tourists on the roofs for safety reasons. I was lucky enough to find access to one of the roofs, with a mind-blowing view of Istanbul.

Buyukvalide Han is an old, populated and congested area surrounded by several shops and restaurants. Although access to the original famous roofs is now restricted. You can still admire a similar view from the roofs right behind them. All you have to do is find the original photo location (show a picture to any local, they’ll say, sorry its closed, just ask them, where it is?). One you’ve spotted that location, walk further down and you’ll be able to see few stairs going up. Just ask any local nearby if you can go up and take a photo. They’ll initially say NO, but if you’re being nice to them, they’ll let you go. Watch your steps, as it’s very dangerous climbing up those stairs. Once you’re up, take some nice photos and enjoy the breathtaking views.

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Don’t be disappointed if you are unable to get access to the roofs in Buyukvalide Han, as there’s another spectacular place in Istanbul from where you can admire the 360 views of the city without any restriction.

Galata Tower

The Galata Tower is a medieval stone tower located in the historical quarter of Istanbul, called Galata. Known as Istanbul’s striking landmarks, it is a tall 9 story tower with an observation deck and a restaurant. Gaining access to this site entails joining a big queue for an hour and paying a 25 Lira nominal entrance fee. Although the observation deck is very tiny with a limited walking space, Galata Tower offers breathtaking views of Istanbul. Hold on to your belongings and cameras as you can easily drop your camera/phone caused by a little push from another visitor.

Once you’ve enjoyed your time up the tower, make sure to relax and eat at the rooftop restaurant. Unlike the rooftop restaurants in London, New York, Singapore and Vienna, prices at this restaurant were very nominal. Enjoy the jaw dropping views of Istanbul with a delicious lunch. You’ll surely enjoy the feeling of being Rapunzel up the tower.

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I hope you’ll enjoy your time at these rooftop locations in Istanbul. Remember to tag your pictures on my Instagram and use the hashtag #LAVOYAGE

See you at other destinations around the world!

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