Sleeping in the City that Never Sleeps

Visiting New York City is every travellers dream, so was mine. I had always dreamt of staying in New York City for a long time to explore all of its five boroughs. This huge cosmopolitan city has an amazing subway network that connects the main tourist hub, Manhattan, to other boroughs. Because driving in New York City during peak hours could be even slower than walking, using subways is the way to go.  If you’re planning to visit this breathtaking city, finding a perfect place to sleep in the city that never sleeps could be a nerve-wrecking job. The easiest option is to stay closer to a subway station in Manhattan as that’ll serve a perfect base to navigate around other boroughs.

When I visited New York City for the very first time, I had wasted a lot of time and money in commuting between places without doing a proper research. On my recent trip to this magical city, I didn’t repeat the same mistakes and planned my itinerary very wisely. I wanted to stay close to a subway station in Lower Manhattan, as the financial district serves a perfect base for commuting between boroughs and experiencing the concrete jungle life. Not only that, I wanted a hotel that’s unlike the tiny size of a typical NYC hotel room, somewhere I could potentially cook and has a small office so I could write my blogs. I discovered Q&A Residential Hotel that answered all of my questions:-

  1. What if my accommodation was three times the size of a typical NYC hotel room?
  2. What if my Manhattan hotel suite offered dedicated room to spread out and work?
  3. What if I had enough space to cook—and no more stashing mini-milk in the mini-bar?

Q&A Residential Hotel

In the heart of New York’s Financial District, Q&A Residential Hotel offers the answers of exemplary space and service, especially for extended-stay guests. You can stay in soaring style, in an apartment with a separate office, where the fridges are full-sized and a spacious home away from home. 

This remarkable place is located at the historic location in the Manhattan Skyline, AIG Building, a 66 story redefined architecture built in 1932 and named as the world’s third tallest building in that era.  The first four floors of the AIG Building are used to design 132 thoughtful accommodations ranging from 500 to 1400 square feet. Q&A Hotel has provided a perfect solution for travellers who prefer privacy, comfort, spacious size and a healthy lifestyle. You can stock your full-sized refrigerator and cook healthy meals at home—the rarest of Manhattan hotel luxuries. Q&A guests have the privilege of services including a concierge with exclusive access to all of New York’s dining and cultural offerings, valet laundry, grocery delivery and housekeeping.

I fell in love with this apartment the moment I checked in. I couldn’t believe that I would be staying two weeks in a giant apartment in the heart of Lower Manhattan, right opposite the Wall Street Station. The two words kept coming out of my mouth were ‘Spacious’ and ‘Trendy’. I loved the giant comfy bed, full-sized refrigerator and kitchen, a clean bathroom with luxury amenities, dedicated office room and two walk-in wardrobes. I was so happy that I wanted to stay there for even longer.

My favourite part was the minimalist look that was just perfect. The grey, black and white interior was adding a unique charm to the ambiance. The kitchen had all the necessary utensils and pots and pans. I stocked up groceries for a couple of weeks and made my own breakfasts and dinners. As mush as I love travelling, I always prefer to cook my own meals to stay healthy. They also provided daily New York Times in the mornings, which made my breakfasts more entertaining. Lots of magazines and books to keep your entertained and create ideas.

Not only the apartment itself, the lobby was a perfect area to unwind and read magazines in a peaceful environment. Everyday I would come down and sit for half an hour and read my favourite articles. Another positive asset that Q&A Hotel owns are their staff members who are extremely friendly and dedicated to providing an excellent customer service. I had chatted to lots of staff members on different occasions and they had always put a smile on my face.

Overall Verdict

The overall verdict about my stay at the Q&A Residential Hotel is Extremely Positive. Excellent bed comfort, relaxing bath, luxury amenities and courteous hotel staff, what else could I wish for to make my stay perfect? This was the only time in New York City that I felt like I was actually living there.

So if you’re looking for somewhere to sleep in the city that never sleeps, my recommendation would be Q&A Hotel for their generous facilities, location and hospitality.

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See you at other destinations around the world!

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