Three Must Have Travel Accessories

What do you always carry in your handbag while traveling abroad? I get asked this question quite a lot. Being a frequent traveller, I make sure my trips are productive and entertaining. I mostly travel solo and have to deal with occasional flight delays, long flying hours, crowded stations and airports, bad weather and many other scenarios. Although there are several things but I always bring three items in my carry-on. Below are the three must have travel accessories that I don’t travel without:

1. Wireless Headphones

Headphones have become an integral part of our daily life, whether commuting to/from work, working out in the gym or trying to pass time on a boring flight. Music always helps entertain us in many different ways. Whenever I’m on a plane, I avoid using headphones provided by the airline cause they’re not always properly cleaned and recycled as confirmed by my cabin-crew friends working for various airlines. For that reason, I always bring my headphones abroad. My personal preference are wireless headphones cause I don’t like being wrapped around with wires. For the past 18 months, I’ve been using wireless headphones by Urbanista cause they’re specifically designed for urban lifestyle. My personal favourite is New York Moon Walk cause the Silver/Grey colour palette goes well with most of my outfits. It has amazing features including active noise cancellation (ANC) means you can wear them at the office or in the bustling streets and enjoy your music undisturbed. With the ANC feature on, you get 16 hours of noise-free, pure musical enjoyment on one single charge. With the ANC feature off, you get 25 hours of wireless music and calls. If you ever run out of power, you can connect them to your device with the complimentary cable.

2. Notebook or Personal Diary

Another travel accessory I always carry in my backpack is a notebook and a personal or travel diary. This helps a lot in writing down your thoughts about different attractions on your trip. Being a solo traveller, I meet several locals abroad and they always recommend a place or two to check out. I pull out my diary and immediately write it down. When I get back to my hostel or hotel, I research about the recommendations before paying a visit. Not because I don’t trust their suggestions, but I make sure that the place would be of my interest and I won’t be wasting my hours over something I won’t enjoy. My trips are usually short so every hour is precious. I usually make a couple of lists before I get to my destination. A list of ten places that I can’t miss at any cost followed by another list of ten places that are my second choices. It always help to make two lists instead of one cause sometimes your itinerary is weather depending so it’s good to have other options. Lately, I’ve been following in love with the luxury notebooks made by Sloane Stationery. Their designs are creative and inspiring with a splash of wit and fun. Plus, they also provide personalised service in case you want to use your own creative ideas. Check out their travel collection here.

3. International Charger

One of the most important travel accessory that I can never afford to forget is an international charger. Once, I forgot to bring an international charger on a trip to California via New York. My laptop died on a short layover at the JFK Airport. I went on to buy an adapter cause my UK plugs won’t work in the US. Firstly, I wasn’t able to find it at several stores, once I finally found a store that sells them, I was shocked to see the price. It was a giant square international charger costing USD $5o. As I had no other choice, I bought it. To my surprise, it stopped charging on my trip to Toronto after a couple of months. After careful research, I found Native Union known for designing products with personality that enhances the way you live with your tech. I ordered Smart Charger International that saved me a lot of hassle while travelling to different countries within the Europe and the Americas. It has dual USB-A ports to charge two devices at once, Smart-IC Technology to guarantee your devices are charging at their maximum speed, and sophisticated protection measures to ensure safety for you and your devices.

Not only the international chargers, Native Union designs unique and stylist charging cables that you’ll love forever. My favourite is the Key Cable as I can easily attach it to my keychain. It’s short and compact enough to fit in your pocket, but long enough to allow you to use your phone whilst charging and syncing.

On a side note, If you’re curious about the seat-belt in the pictures above. I purchased this belt from Tartar-Berlin earlier this year and I get compliments each time I wear it. The design, quality and the finishing are absolutely amazing, plus it comes in several colours. Check them out here.

I hope my recommendations of three must travel accessories would help you on your travels and make your trips more productive and entertaining. If you would like to read about the top three items to bring on holidays, please read here.

Please don’t forget to share your reviews, if you do consider buying any of the above.

See you at other destinations around the world!

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