Top 3 items for HIS Holiday

What are the 3 things that trendy men must have in their holiday wardrobe?

Everyone gets so excited to go on their holidays, especially the females. They care about their perfect holidays outfits, sandals, flip-flops, beach towel, makeup, etc, etc. But what about guys? The majority of men don’t really care about their holiday looks. Yet, they look forward to take their best selfies and holiday pictures to show off their sun-kissed body. Talking about men in particular, I’ve seen thousands of pictures with guys wearing jeans/jeans shorts/cargo shorts, baseball caps, trainers and plain T-shirts on their holidays. PLEASE, …….wake up, its 21st century, those were outdated even in the 19th century. You’re going on a holiday to enjoy your best time of the year, so why not look the part as well?

Here are the top 3 items that trendy men must have in their holiday wardrobe to look the part: –

1: White Bermuda Shorts

White shorts looks so cool, airy and refreshing on holiday destinations. I have about 5 white shorts, pretty much a like and above knee length. Though they get dirty quickly, they make you look the part. No matter what material or fitting you prefer, they’ll always stand out and give you that perfect trendy men look. Your holiday pictures would look amazing with your sun-kissed body. No matter what skin colour you are, it will always look good on you. Whenever you’re packing your bag for your upcoming holiday, make sure, you put in a pair of white shorts first.


2: Holiday Hat

Guys please, no more baseball caps. You’re going on a holiday, not to play cricket on the beach. Because you need sun-protection, make sure you buy one of those rounded holiday hats that will give you a bit of a shade. They looks the best in the pictures and would be perfect to show off your holiday selfies. I usually prefer camel, light brown and off-white hats, but you can go for a slightly different colour. Make sure you forget your baseball cap at home, next time you go on your holiday, cause you’ll have your perfect holiday hat with you!

3: Tan Loafers/Moccasins

Unless you’re going to the gym, run or hiking, I wouldn’t wear trainers on my holidays. When I go to the market, I realise that guys have very limited options when it comes to clothing. Within those limited options, guys limit their own choice further by sticking to the conventional wardrobe apparels, such as polos, cargos and trainers. I would suggest Tan/Light-Brown loafers or moccasins as they will perfectly match most of the colours that you would wear on your holidays. You can also wear them for dinner and drinks. One unique pair would work everywhere, so go on and buy one now.

Hey you all trendy men planning for your holidays out there, make sure you include these 3 things to wear abroad. Trust me, you’ll look PERFECT in your pictures!

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Have fun and take lots of pictures!

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